Thyme honey Agrolavia

Thyme honey Agrolavia.



Honey from sustainable beekeeping Agrolavia has been created by “happy” bees, in the mountains of the Northwest of the Murcia region (Spain).

Sustainable honey that is produced in a privileged environment, near vineyards – the origin of wines with identity and character – in a Mediterranean landscape rich in pine forests, aromatic plants, springs and cultivated fields, especially almond, olive and fruit trees.

Our philosophy to extract high quality honey and added value:

  1. Caring for biodiversity: Pollination is vital for living things. We select the bee colonies best adapted to the environment.
  2. Respect for bees:
    • Without transhumance.
      (Transhumance is carried out to increase the productivity and performance of the bees, once their reserves of honey, pollen … are extracted, they are transported to other places where there are flowers so that they continue to extract nectar to transform it into honey, thus accumulating their reserves for the beekeeper to extract later)
    • Our hives remain in the same place for life, we adapt to their vital rhythm and in a natural way we select the colonies best adapted to the environment.
    • Food without sugar, bees only consume what they obtain themselves. We do not use sugary feed or artificial stimulants. We respect the natural diet of the bees and do not feed them with sugary feed or stimulants of brood. They only consume what they get from the environment. They know better than anyone how to feed themselves.
    • We extract a minimum amount of honey so as not to weaken the health of the hive. Very limited extraction: when possible we extract only the excess honey from the hive.
    • We use responsible treatments against the “varroa” mite.
    • We do not extract pollen or royal jelly.