That is how it all started

My grandmother, Josefa “la Balcona” (It’s her nickname because her house had a balcony) was a brave and enterprising woman who in the harsh years of the Spanish civil war bought our farm,being a widow and with two children … She built the first Balcona winery, to offer wine to its workers.

My mother, Dolores “la Balcona”, married Antonio. My father was one of the founding partners of the first cooperative cellar in Bullas ..

So it continued … my four brothers “learned to prune the vines before they learned to walk” … and we all grew up in this way … until in1997 when Josep Lluis Pèrez Verdú, of Mas Martinet (Priorat) transmitted his philosophy, on his way of taking care of the vineyard and his vision for producing great wines.

Bodegas Balcona

A tradition that continues

Rooted to our land

Always rooted to our land, to the Aceniche Valley.

To the land we love, thanks to our parents and grandparents.

A land with history

Lands that are cultivated with vineyards from Roman times, with a long tradition that indicates the suitability of this land for the production of quality wines.

We continue to maintain the vine growing and wine making tradition of this magical land.

VInes with history

Our harvests come from vineyards up to 66 years old that produce high quality wines. Vineyards that summarize our history of care and efforts, with exceptional results.

Bodega Balcona

Our timeline


Wine conferences in Bullas in which he participates as a speaker Josep LLuis Pérez Verdú

One of the pioneer of the Priorat, in Bullasm the seed of our project: to produce red wines, that improve with the time in bottle from monastrell of the old strains.
Great wines protected under the Denomination of Origin of Bullas.



First wines.

We produce our first wines under the umbrella of the label Partal: Partal Carbonic maceration, Partal Selection 37 Barricas and Partal Crianza. A great vintage.



Wines aged in barrels

We focused on the production of long-life bottled wines: Partal Crianza and Partal Selection 37 Barricas.



Image change

We have changed our labels and now Partal Selection 37 Barricas becomes 37 Barricas, Crianza de Partal and Partal Crianza becomes Partal, a signature wine



Wine route of Bullas

Balcona winery adheres to the Bullas Wine Route, certified by ACEVIN that year.



Young wines

After a gap of 12 years and, due to consumer demand, we have resumed the production of our young wines and now…Mabal Monastrell is born



White wine Mabal

We produced our first white wine called MaBal Macabeo of Balcona ... a great wine!



Mabal image change

New image for Mabal by changing the label.



Partal image

New image for Partal 2016. Change of bottle and label.



Organic Wines

Our first ecologically certified wine is on sale.



New Merlot Rosé

Our first rosé wine from Merlot variety.



New label for Mabal Monastrell

New label design for our bottles of Mabal Monastrell.



New Bancal de la Cruz

We put on sale our new wine Bancal de la Cruz