The team

Our family

Teamwork is key.

In the vineyard, my brothers manage the fieldwork necessary for the grapes to be of the highest quality: short pruning and at the appropriate time, tillage, detection and control of fungi (oidio, mildew) .. all with maximum respect to the environment and following the rules of organic viticulture.

In the winery we are advised by an expert winemaker to make our wines naturally, with minimal intervention.

The vines are passions that matures in the summer, Federico García Lorca


Pepa Fernández

Passionate about wine and in love with the Valley of the Aceniche where she lived her childhood, Pepa Fernández coordinates the team of Bodega Balcona and is responsible for Wine tourism, Commercial Department and Communication.

I want to be washed in wine when I die and that my coffin be made of the wood of the vine