Family vineyard

We selected the best vineyards from the family.

The basis of our wines are the Monastrell grapes which are 40-60 years old.

The diversity of the soils also brings complexity to our wines.

Ecological vineyard

Organic vineyard since 2008.

Respect for the vineyard and to the process of natural elaboration: we use organic natural fertilizers and as preventive treatments  sulfur and copper in the cultivation of the vineyard.

During harvesting, we manually select the best grape clusters from each grapevine wich are then packed in boxes of 20 kg to transport to the winery.

Wild yeast

The yeasts present in the skin of our grapes intensifies  the terroir in our wines .

We filter very lightly so as not to alter the structure of our wines, so in some cases it’s possible to see sediment in the bottle wich is sign of its naturalness.


Our wines have  a very special personality because of the coexistence of different types of soils, microclimates and grape varieties in the Aceniche Valley

Macabeo, Monastrell, Tempranillo, Sirah and Merlot.


Time to time. 

Great wines need  time: waiting time for the grapes to mature, time for contact betwin the skin  skin and grape seed in order to become  structured, ageing time in the best French oak barrels, time in bottle rack for the wines to be round and assembled, time for them to breathe when they are uncorked and time to slowly savour and ewnjoy their flavour.


We follow strict quality controls of Designation of Origin Bullas wines to offer our customers with full guarantees of origin and quality.

We are totally committed to this goal.