Bodega Balcona

These are some of the characteristics of our terroir

20 acres selected among 200 acres family owned
Type of soil
Clay-limestone with an abundance of stones in some areas
Grape varieties
Monastrell, Syrah, Tempranillo
More grape varieties
Merlot, Macabeo
Sustainability and ecology


Each vineyard has a different soil: Monastrell has a grey soil, which brings mineral character to our wines. Tempranillo has clay soil, clay-limestone Sirah and limestone Merlot.


In the Aceniche valley there are different microclimates; colder areas where only the monastrell escapes from late frost and other areas more protected from currents or on mountain slopes that allow the cultivation of varieties of shorter vegetative cycle, for example, we grow Merlot to 900 meters of height in trellises and they are rain fed.


Monastrell is the queen of our winery, coming from old vines and diverse soils. Varieties like Sirah, Tempranillo and Merlot very well adapts to our terroir, accompany it in some of our wines ..

We must not forget our unique Macabeo.


More than 300 days of sunshine a year guarantee the perfect maturation of the grapes in our vineyard.

The sunshine accompanied by the temperature difference between day and night make our wines unique character.


Precipitation around 400 mm / year, some time in the form of snow.

geological studies confirm that there is an important aquifer, which provides water to the vineyards of older Monastrell, with longer roots and prevents water stress and the appearance of edges in wines. We only provide irrigation support to Sirah.


Located between the vineyards of the family. It is a functional building and over time has integrated into the landscape design with the aim of producing high quality wines. Everything is laid out with this objective

Bodega Balcona

The location

Bullas is located in the Region of Murcia, in the Southeast of Spain. Between Alicante and Almería.

At 53 km from the city of Murcia, the main road of communication is the RM15 Motorway of the Northwest – River Mula RM15 that links Murcia with Caravaca de la Cruz.

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The Bullas Wine Route was certified by ACEVIN (Spanish Wine Cities Association) in 2007. This represents a seal of quality for wine lovers who visit us

Bodega Balcona is located 10 Km. from Bullas (Murcia) in Aceniche Valley .
Coords: Latitude N37.97931, Longitude W1.71829

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