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Our visits

We are the first Bullas winery that makes guided visits to vineyards and winery. Since 1999, we have been committed to Enotourism as a means of making our wines and vineyards known, in the magical Valle del Aceniche where peace and harmony are breathed … aromas of pine, fennel and rosemary.

From Monday to Sunday … every day of the week, previous concert by phone or email.

We always start visiting between old vineyards of Monastrell explaining the area, types of soil, climate and grape varieties and in September and October we taste the different grapes. An experience that allows us to appreciate the nuances that each one of them will bring to our wines: freshness, tannins, color …

... And then ...Tastings!

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In the winery we explain in a simple way the singularities of the elaboration of our wines and we finish in the tasting room where our wines speak for themselves, expressing soils and microclimate of the Aceniche; and the visitor has the opportunity to buy if he wishes.

Since 2016, we have been making Dinners in vineyards down the light of the full moon (Cenas entre viñedos a la luz de la luna), in collaboration with restaurants belonging to the Ruta del Vino de Bullas which we are associated since its establishment in 2007.


From all over the world

We have received visitors from five continents in our winery over 18 years … and we hope to continue doing so many more!

Vineyard and winery.

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